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Does it Take Long to Settle a PI Case in Tennessee?

Rely on a Tennessee personal injury lawyer to advance the settlement process

Accidents are a common occurrence, but some incidents are so severe that they can cause serious injuries and even fatalities. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that accidents are the fourth leading cause of death in the US, while almost 123 million people seek medical care for unintentional injuries every year. Negligence is behind many of these incidents, including traffic collisions, pedestrian and bicycle accidents, and slip and falls. Therefore, Tennessee personal injury laws allow victims to pursue the at-fault party for damages.

However, many accident claims are resolved before going to court. There are numerous benefits to settling an accident case, including certainty, not having to testify, and reduced legal fees. Many people also assume that an agreement speeds up the process, which is often true. ATennessee personal injury attorney can tell you more about the factors that impact how long it takes to settle a PI case, including:


Status of Your Medical Treatment


The nature and severity of your injuries, along with the costs of medical care, are key components of calculating damages. In some cases, you might be receiving treatment for several weeks or months after the accident. It is best to approach settlement negotiations once your health has stabilized, so you know how your injuries will impact your medical expenses and quality of life.

Gathering Evidence


Another important component of a personal injury claim is proving that the other person or entity was at fault for causing the accident. This issue boils down to negligence, and you will need to show that this party breached the legal duty to exercise reasonable care. Solid evidence is essential, and it could take time to obtain such information as:

  • A police report;
  • Statements from witnesses;
  • Insurance policy information;
  • Footage from surveillance cameras; and,
  • Other relevant details.


Dealing with Experts


As part of efforts to gather evidence and support your claim, your lawyer may partner with various experts. A private investigator could be useful for obtaining the evidence described above, but your claim may also require assistance from:

  • Medical experts who carefully review your medical records, treatment, and prognosis;
  • Accident reconstruction professionals that evaluate the incident to determine causes and contributing factors; and,
  • Financial analysts, which may be necessary when a victim suffers severe, catastrophic injuries, and it becomes necessary to evaluate the future, long-term economic impacts.


Settlement Discussions


Once the framework for a personal injury case is in place as described above, your attorney and opposing counsel can launch negotiations. This process may be brief when the parties come together on a compromise, but it could take several weeks to reach an agreement to settle.


Trust a Tennessee Personal Injury Lawyer to Manage Settlement Negotiations

To learn more about how long it takes to settle an accident claim, please contact Bednarz Law. You can schedule a free consultation at our Nashville, TN offices by calling 615-256-0100 orgo online. Once we learn more about your circumstances, a personal injury can explain the steps involved with settlement.

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