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How Much Can You Get After Filing a Car Accident Claim?

In case, you have received injuries in a car accident and it wasn’t your fault, you are entitled to get compensation. You can recover your losses and damages by filing a car accident claim. People may ask the amount that they are eligible to get. The answer to this question may be uncertain because every case is different. The amount depends on how badly a car accident has affected the injured person. To manage the case well, it is suggested to hire a lawyer handling car accident cases in Tacoma

What will you get after filing a car accident claim?

A car accident claim is a request made to the insurance company to obtain the amount. Some of the elements of financial recovery are:

  • Full recovery of your medical treatment including therapy, surgery, medicine, doctor’s fees, emergency and ongoing treatment.
  • Total costs of repairing or replacement of vehicle and property damage
  • Since the accident kept you away from your work, you can get lost wages and benefits at the workplace

Some losses cannot be evaluated such as loss of limb or permanent disability. In this case, your car accident lawyer will be able to assist you in a better manner to evaluate the right amount after consulting your health care provider.

The role of an insurance company

Insurance companies don’t work for your best interests. They earn a lot of money by lowering your amount or refusing your claim. That’s why, it is suggested to understand vital facts about these companies. Some of them are:

  • They will put the blame on you– You should be prepared to hear this from the insurance company that your fault caused you the injuries. If you get convinced, they won’t have to pay anything.
  • They will hold you responsible partly- If they prove that you were partly involved in the car accident, they can reduce the amount to a great extent. Your car accident lawyer will help you deny their excuses in a better manner.
  • Unexplainable delay- Delaying the entire process of claim is their old tactic. The injured person either accepts the lower offer or loses all his hopes. A car accident lawyer stays in touch with the insurance company to check whether they are working on the case.

To maximize your compensation, it is highly recommended to hire a car accident lawyer who has in-depth knowledge and expertise. 

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