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How To End Elder Abuse And Types Of Abuse

We encounter situations that can be difficult to recognize and even more difficult to counteract in life. Among them, elder abuse is one of those unfortunately very present realities. Abuse is the act or negligence that harms an older man. This is, of course, physical or psychological abuse, but it should be noted that the most common crimes against older people are financial abuse and extortion. Whether it is isolated or repeated events, abuse is often multiple. But in the case of trust litigation, visit sites like barr & young attorneys to guide you.

Types Of Elder Abuse

Physical Abuse

Using physical force to inflict bodily harm on another person. Includes hitting, pinching, shoving, kicking, burning, physical punishment, whipping, inappropriate use of drugs, physical restraints, forced intake, etc.

Sexual Abuse

Unacceptable sexual contact. It can include: touching, taking immodest pictures without consent, rape, forced nudity, etc.


The helplessness of an older adult for whom he had assumed the responsibility of caring for him. It includes abandonment in healthcare institutions such as hospitals, residences, clinics, and in shopping centers, premises, and on public roads.

Financial abuse

Non-legal or improper use of those economic funds, goods, or properties of the older adult.


Conduct puts the older adult’s health or personal integrity at risk through restrictions, absences, or deficiencies in providing food, drink, clothing, hygiene, toilet, shelter, medication, or security.

Psychic abuse

Use of coercion, disparagement, underestimation, disqualification, insults, or impositions on older people.

Risk Factors In The Victim


The vast majority of studies have found a higher percentage of victims among women than men. Women represent 66 to 100% of cases and are the ones who suffer the most serious cases of physical and psychological abuse.

Social Isolation

The majority of older people who suffer abuse tend to have less social contact with others. The most common is that the victim is living with his aggressor, who is the caregiver himself in many cases. The percentage of victims who live in this situation ranges between 52% and 72%.


Several studies have found physical or cognitive deficiencies in older victims of abuse. Thus, for example, a higher-than-average percentage of abuse has been found among victims with some diseases such as Alzheimer’s that significantly affect older people.


Depression, suicidal thoughts and feelings of unhappiness, shame, or guilt are common among abuse victims. In the case of depression and social isolation, there is a common problem: the difficulty of discerning if they are the result of abuse or if older people with these problems are more susceptible to being abused. Bear in mind that barr & young attorneys for example can guide you in the case of trust litigation.

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