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Mistakes That You Must Avoid to Strengthen Your Claim After A Work Injury

Getting injured in your workplace is common but it should not affect your career. Every worker is eligible for worker’s compensation to meet their medical expenses as well as lost wages. However, some employers deny compensation to their workers who have encountered an accident during the work. In that case, the worker can hire a work injury lawyer.

To strengthen your chances of getting the benefits you deserve you need to avoid some mistakes. Here are the mistakes to be avoided that can harm your workers’ compensation.

  • You should report all your injuries immediately to your supervisor in writing with as many witnesses as possible. Some workers don’t want to create scene and work with their pain, which is a mistake.
  • Don’t try to exaggerate your injuries than they actually are. This will put you in difficult situation to handle the case.
  • At the same time, don’t forget to tell your doctor about your primary and other injuries. Failing to reveal may result in lesser compensation for you. Be honest and let your doctor know about your past injuries, claims and other information.
  • Not using the company’s doctor or making delay in getting treatment for your injuries.
  • Not following your doctor’s recommendation may affect your claim.
  • Always make sure that your supervisor or employer has submitted proper paperwork with the insurance company. It is also important to request copies of medical records and other claim records from the insurance company.

  • The insurance companies will ask you sign medical releases that enables them to speak directly with your physician. This will affect your deserving compensation. It is better to consult with your lawyer before signing any kind of release.
  • Posing photos on social media as you are enjoying a party or doing strenuous activities will prove your testimony to be false and will have negative impact on your claim.
  • Before giving any recorded statement, to avoid any mistake, you need to consult your lawyer since there are several legal terms that have special meaning to them.
  • Not having a lawyer to represent you is a big mistake. Lawyer can make sure that you are not making any mistakes that can jeopardize your deserving compensation and will take care of all the legal requirements to ensure you the maximum benefits.

The attorneys at Cecere Santana are ready to help and represent you for a free consultation. They will work for you to get all the legal benefits that you deserve.

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