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Steps to Apply for Green Cards

There are two fundamental means to apply for LPR. International nationals, who fulfill specific standards, might be eligible to apply from within the United States via a procedure called change of standing. Yet most foreign nationals submit from foreign to the United States at their United States embassy or consular office. This is called consular processing. This short article supplies a review of the family-based immigrant visa application procedure for consular handling.

Qualification to Apply for a Green Card 

Prior to beginning, you’ll need to understand that you have a qualifying partnership to get a green card with a household. Just particular family members of U.S. citizens or authorized irreversible homeowners, existing permit owners, certify. Here’s how each category is split.

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Immediate Relative 

The immediate loved one category for family-based green cards consists of the partner, unmarried youngsters, under the age of 21, as well as parents of U.S. residents. That’s it. Since a visa is available always to immediate family members, this is a great classification. Although it takes some time to obtain a green card, there isn’t the long haul related to other classifications.

  • IR-1: U.S. person’s spouse
  • IR-2: US people’s unmarried kids below the age of 21 years
  • IR-3: United State resident’s Orphan adopted abroad
  • IR-4: U.S. resident’s orphan to be adopted
  • IR-5: U.S. citizen’s parents

Family Choice 

On the hand, the household preference categories usually have a delay time. That’s because migration regulation assigns a limited variety of immigrant visas annually. If more individuals are asking for visas compared to there are visas offered, this creates a delay checklist. The family choice category for family-based green cards includes:

  • Household First Preference or F-1: Unmarried kids as well as daughters of a U.S. resident and their small kids.
  • Household second Choice or F-2: Partners, minor kids, as well as single children and children, aged 21 as well as over, of an authorized permanent homeowner.
  • Family Members Third Choice or F-3: Married sons and also daughters of a United States citizen, as well as their partners, and minor kids.
  • Family Member’s fourth Choice or F-4: Bro, as well as siblings of a United States citizen, as well as their spouses and small children.

Collect Civil Documents 

The particular civil records that you require depend on your case. The NVC will notify you of the specific civil documents required to sustain your application. These papers may or may not include:

  • Birth certifications
  • Fatality certifications or separation decrees
  • Marital relationship certifications
  • Passports
  • Court, as well as prison records
  • Army records
  • Authorities’ certificates

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