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What Are The Benefits Associated With The Green Card?

The US Green Card confers considerable advantages compared to a traditional immigrant. For example, obtaining a university scholarship for children will be much easier, and the tuition will be slightly lower than for an international student. Concerning the mortgage, as a permanent resident, you will also be able to obtain attractive rates more easily. In some airports (not all offer it), Green Card holders can use the queue reserved for US citizens.

For legal entry into the United States via land and sea ports of entry, lawful permanent residents are eligible for the Global Entry card, just like US citizens. Main advantage? Expedited entry into the United States via the SENTRI and NEXUS lanes. Why deprive yourself of it?

So, obtaining American permanent residence via a green card is a real daily advantage for a foreign national.

What Are The Disadvantages Associated With The Green Card?

Once you have your green card in your pocket through simvisa.com for example, don’t forget that your tax residence is automatically deemed in the United States. Therefore, as the American tax authorities apply the principle of worldwide profit to income taxation, they will consider all of your income earned on American soil and those abroad. In addition, you will still need to file a return in the US even if you no longer earn any profit there. It is, therefore, necessary to give good thought to this last point before embarking on a green card application.

If you are a man between 18 and 26 years old, you must register for military service (which is no longer compulsory in France). These are currently the 2 main disadvantages of owning a green card. How to obtain the green card: what are the forms to be completed and the prices?

What Are Your Duties To Maintain Your Green Card And Permanent Resident Status In The USA?

Although it is expensive and takes a long time to obtain, it is very important to remember that your Green Card can be taken away from you anytime. Yes, you read correctly! You will therefore need to be particularly vigilant:

Suppose you leave the American territory for more than 6 months. Keep an active life in the USA (various subscriptions, rentals, accounts, American bank cards, etc.) to prove that you have never given up your green card. If you are traveling abroad and plan to be away for more than a year, apply for a REP (re-entry permit) at least 60 days BEFORE your departure.

And, of course, continue to declare your taxes with the IRS (Internal Revenue Service), even if you leave the American territory for a long period. You probably already know we don’t mess with the American tax authorities!

Finally, it can happen; those who wish to abandon the status of permanent resident know that this is now done by mail by filling out the form I-407, Record of Abandonment of Lawful Permanent Resident Status, explaining clearly and precisely the reason for abandonment. Then send this completed form and your “green card” resident card to one of the international USICS offices.

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