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What are the Reasons I can File for Malicious Claim in Court?

A single person can take legal action against an additional individual when a previous civil or criminal lawsuit was brought for wrongful functions. Essentially, the individual that was formerly filed a claim or prosecuted against, now the complainant, can file a claim against the person that brought the original instance, now the defendant, for destructive prosecution if the offender began an invalid civil or criminal instance for a hidden agenda. This write-up briefly evaluates the components of a malicious prosecution instance, as well as provides some instances of what is, and is not malicious prosecution with Lehmbecker Law.

Essential Elements of Malicious Prosecution

An effective destructive prosecution claim needs that:

  • the accused proceed or start a civil or criminal legal action
  • without sensible grounds to think the claims of the proceeding
  • the offender has lost the original “false” situation s/he brought against the plaintiff
  • and with a function apart from just getting a judgment in the case, called “malevolence” in legal terms
  • the plaintiff was harmed by the accused’s “incorrect” instance

Examples of Effective Destructive Prosecution Lawsuits

Below are some examples of successful destructive prosecution claims. Remember that all 5 of the aspects listed above must be present for the insurance claim to succeed, the examples listed below do not talk about every aspect in every situation; however, they’re a great image of what may equate to malicious prosecution in the real world.

  • A financial institution efficiently demanded malicious prosecution after its employees deliberately gave incorrect info to the general public district attorney regarding the criminal defendant, now the destructive prosecution plaintiff, supposedly unlawful banking tasks.
  • When a defendant confessed that he did not know who took his building, that admission showed he had the plaintiff apprehended for an incorrect motive, causing a successful malicious prosecution case.
  • When an accused indicated that he had a criminal sworn statement filed against the plaintiff simply in order to collect a financial obligation from the complainant, the plaintiff’s malicious prosecution legal action was successful since the defendant utilized the criminal process for an inappropriate function.
  • A law enforcement agent did not offer every one of the realities when he got an apprehension warrant on the complainant for possession of unlawful hypodermic needles. When there was no proof that the complainant was utilizing the needles for unlawful objectives, the plaintiff efficiently sued for malicious prosecution.

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