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What Should I Ask For In A Discrimination Settlement?

Workplaces can play a crucial role in many people’s lives. Each employer is responsible for ensuring the workplace’s safety. A workplace should be free of any form of discrimination. If you are an employee and have encountered discrimination of a form, it will be a must to contact a Discrimination attorney virginia

Unfortunately, many employees face discrimination in the workplace in many forms. Some employees take charge and pursue legal action against the act, while others stay quiet. Every employee must report the incident. Besides, some employees do not know what to ask for in a discrimination settlement. 

It would be beneficial if you knew what would be appropriate for a discrimination settlement.

  • Punitive damages

The prime objective behind punitive damages is to allow an employee who has been treated differently to punish the employer for maltreatment. However, when an employee seeks punitive damages, they will be needed to prove a higher standard of evidence than just retaliation. 

The judge will decide the number of punitive damages that seem fit for the employee’s settlement. There are certain limits on the amount or settlement of punitive damages for an employee. It will be in the employee’s best interest to hire a lawyer and ask for legal assistance while seeking such damages. 

  • Economic damages

Economic damages consist of any economic losses the employee has faced due to discrimination. The employer’s behavior can likely result in an employee’s retaliation and/or demeaning. 

The victim of discrimination must seek a settlement for economic damages from the employer if they have experienced any lost wages, promotion, or any kind of career growth that would have otherwise occurred in favor. 

  • Non-economic damages 

Non-economic damages can include mental distress and retaliation faced by the employee while being discriminated against. You must ask for non-economic damages with the help of an attorney in Virginia, as these damages significantly directly impact an employee’s mental and physical health. 

An employee who has been subject to emotional trauma should always consider seeking non-economic damages from their employer during the case. The employee should keep a record of the employer’s behavior, as it could be a significant piece of evidence. 

  • Legal fees 

Employees can like receive a discrimination settlement based on the time and money they spent on the case. The victim of discrimination must seek settlement for legal fees as there are high chances that the legal case and associated costs can be free of charge. 

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