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When to Hire a Pension Lawyer?

To apply for work benefits, hiring a social security lawyer is not necessary and be ready to pay workers comp lawyer fees. The insured can apply for retirement, sick pay, or any other benefit.

To know when it is necessary to hire a specialist lawyer, firstly, it is necessary to know the situation the insured person is in, what benefit they intend to request from the INSS and what level of knowledge under social security laws, which change almost all the days. Due to the various changes in the INSS laws, it is always recommended to go through a specialist in the social security area, as there are situations that the insured person may find himself in. Some of them are:

  • Contributions that are not in the system
  • Lost CTPS (Employment Card)
  • He does not know which documents the INSS requests to apply for the benefit
  • The INSS did not count some periods
  • Periods that are to be included in the calculation of time for retirement purposes
  • Ignorance of the new rules of the Social Security Reform
  • Does not know how to calculate the benefit amount
  • Do you have doubts about the value of the benefit
  • Does not know how to calculate which benefit is more advantageous
  • The INSS did not count the periods that he worked or contributed at the same time
  • Does not know why the INSS suspended or terminated the benefit
  • Does not know how to defend or appeal to the government and so on

These are some of the situations that the insured person may find himself in when seeking the INSS, so it is necessary to be very careful not to make mistakes that may be irreversible. A lawyer can bring many advantages or solutions, some of which can be mentioned:


You don’t have to worry about the bureaucracy required by the INSS, leaving everything under the responsibility of the specialist, who will look for all the necessary documents

The specialist lawyer will seek solutions for the specific case of the insured person, as he will analyze all the documents, request the missing documents, perform the calculations and present the ways the worker has to solve more advantageously.

Monitoring of all administrative requests and the judicial process, increasing the chances of success in the request

The pension process is very delicate. The lawyer knows all the requirements to get the INSS benefit; this makes the insured person more secure and calm that he will achieve his right, as he has professionally fought to get the best benefit possible.

A professional follow-up throughout the administrative process will increase the chances of getting the benefit, as the specialist lawyer will know how to comply with the requirements, what requests to make during the administrative procedure, which forms to fill in, which administrative appeal to file, etc. In addition, if the administrative process is not granted, the lawyer has already instructed the request with the correct documentation, increasing the chances of success in the judicial process, which often has the clearest understanding for the worker.


If you still have doubts about hiring a lawyer specializing in social security law like Kenton Koszdin Law Office for example, you can contact our team of specialists.

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