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Who are Various Types of Lawyers

There are various fields in law. Every field has its own responsibilities. For example, an Car Accident Attorney is responsible for all Estate laws and cases. Here are a few types of lawyers and their responsibility.

·      Personal Injury Lawyer

A personal injury lawyer’s responsibility is to help the employees or any others who have faced any injury. The experienced personal injury lawyer Pittsburgh takes up the case for the employees who were injured in the worksite and are trying to get compensation from the companies.

·      Family Lawyers

Family lawyers are those who specialize in family disputes. They take up the cases of families who need help or divorce. They take care of every problem related to families like child custody, guardianship in a completely legal way.

·      Criminal Lawyers

Criminal lawyers are lawyers who take up cases of organizations that are against government charges. These criminal lawyers mostly defend their clients in the federal and state courts. They are aware of every rule that is related to arrests, bails, proofs, and others. Homicide, sexual harassment, assault are a few fields of expert criminal lawyers.

·      Medical Lawyers

Though there are personal injury lawyers to help people, medical lawyers are completely different. They particularly take up cases that are related to medical malpractice. They help medical malpractice victims get compensation. Medical negligence is one of the biggest crimes. Medical malpractice lawyers take care of cases related to misdiagnosis, inadequate treatment, and many others. Not only for medical malpractice but medical malpractice attorneys are also hired if the victim hasn’t paid the medical bills.

·      Employment Lawyer

Employment lawyers are hired by both employees and employers. In the case of employees, a lawyer is hired if an employer does not follow the contract. In the case of employers, a lawyer is hired if the employed employees don’t follow or go against the rules. An employment lawyer is also hired when there’s harassment in the workplace.

·      Immigration Lawyer

As the name suggests, immigration lawyers are hired when there’s any problem related to immigration. Both the embassy and immigrants can hire immigration lawyers. Any issues related to visas, green cards, and foreign identifications are handled by the immigration lawyers.

So, these are a few fields in law. There are many other attorneys like corporate lawyers, tax lawyers, intellectual property lawyers, and many others. Every field has its own responsibilities and difficulties. But the one thing that every lawyer needs to remember is the work ethics.

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