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Why Taking Photos After a Car Accident is Important?

This post is for all car accident victims who are wondering how to come up with the right evidence against the accused. Having enough evidence is extremely important if you are looking to get the compensation you deserve. Even top law firms like the Johnston Law Firm, who serve the state of Oregon, begin by collecting evidence when representing an auto accident victim. In this post, we will be discussing the importance of capturing photographs after a car accident in Lebanon, OR. Read on to know more.

Why Taking Photos Is Crucial?

Capturing photos helps in documenting and preserving evidence following an auto accident. You can use pictures to show the insurance company and the defendant’s lawyer how the accident site looked immediately after the accident. If you need to file a lawsuit, you can use the pictures even for protecting your right in court. The photos will help the onlookers to comprehend the severity of the accident and the magnitude of damage it has caused.

What Kind of Photos You Must Capture?

Capture photographs of all visible injuries on your body when you are still at the car accident site. Keep taking pictures of the same injuries all through the recovery period during the next few weeks or days. If the photos reveal that it took you several days/weeks to recover fully, winning good compensation would become easier for you.

If there’s a cut that requires stitches, capture before after pictures of the wound. You should be able to show how serious the wound was initially as well as how it appeared after you got the stitches. Also, take photos of the injured part after the surgeon takes out the stitches and the formation of scar tissues begins.

If the accident resulted in burns or bruises on your skin, capture photos of the affected body parts all through the recovery process. The photos should help onlookers understand the level of discoloration your skin has undergone. Remember, at times bruises appear several hours following the accident. So, take photos whenever there’s a new bruise on your skin.

Fractures are common outcomes of auto accidents. If you have fractured a bone, you may need to get braces, casts, or crutches. Capture photographs of each and every item you needed to use for recovering completely.

Find out the number of cars involved in the auto accident. You should capture photographs of each one of them right after the accident. Try to photograph all sides of the cars including their number plates. If the accident caused any property damage, make sure you capture images of the damaged items to ensure you get adequate compensation. These may include your gadgets, eyeglasses, important documents, etc.

Photographing the roadway is extremely important if the accident occurred due to poor road conditions. Look for potholes and other similar obstructions that might cause the accident and capture their photos.

As modern-day mobile phones allow capturing high-resolution videos, you should capture a video of the accident site after clicking all necessary pictures.

Final Words

An attorney representing a top law firm like Johnston Law Firm will be able to make the best use of all the photos/videos. The attorney will use them to force your insurance company to pay you the claim amount promptly.

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