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Working With A Social Security Disability Lawyer: Things To Know!

Workplace injuries are more common than most people think. While some are lucky to go back to their pre-injury jobs, others have serious consequences to face. If you are disabled due to a work-related injury, and are unable to work, there are two programs from government that may entitle you certain benefits, like financial support every month. In some cases, claims can be denied, and that’s when you will need a social security disability lawyer. Below is an overview of how to hire a lawyer, ways in which your lawyer can help, but before that, here’s an overview of SSDI and Supplemental Security Income.

  • Social Security Disability Insurance. Simply called SSDI, benefits under this program are available to those who have been unable to work for least a year, owing to a physical/mental disability. SSDI claims are often denied, and this is not uncommon. If that happens, you will have to hire an attorney, who will take care of the appeal process, so that your previous claim is honored.
  • Supplemental Security Income. Under this program, if a person has been disabled (mentally or physically) for a period of 12 months, and is expected to remain the same way for another year (12 months), they may claim benefits. However, in case the person has too many assets, and in other circumstances, some claims can be denied.

How can a lawyer help?

Each case related to social security disability is unique and must be considered on various aspects. If your claim is rejected, your lawyer can re-appeal and help further in pursuing the claim. Many people also contact a social security disability lawyer in the first place to ensure that their initial claim is not rejected on grounds of paperwork or smaller mistakes. If you are truly eligible to receive benefits under SSDI, your lawyer can be a great resource.

How to select the right social security disability lawyer?

Experience, expertise and interest in your case are key aspects to consider when it comes to selecting a social security disability lawyer. You can consider if the law firm is famed and if they cases related to social security disability in particular. Don’t shy away from asking questions, discuss your case in detail, and make sure that the attorney is accessible to take queries, if needed.

A good attorney can help you claim benefits that you are truly entitled to. Don’t delay in seeking legal help.

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