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Online Marketing: Lawyers Or Law Firms?

Your online marketing for law firms or online marketing strategy will differ depending on whether you are marketing yourself as a lawyer or your law firm as a whole.

When you market yourself as a lawyer, you need to focus on what experts call your branding. You want to show that you are credible and trustworthy to potential clients and companies that might want to hire you. Make sure your LinkedIn profile, attorney website, and other personal online profiles feature professional photos and present your accomplishments, approach, and values. On some websites, for example, you can create a profile for free that will put you forward in the best possible way: all you have to do is fill in your areas of expertise, your professional and academic background, as well as your general pretensions to benefit from a digital presence of quality.

When marketing a law firm, it is always important to have a well-crafted brand image. Before you even consider developing an elaborate content strategy, ensure your associates and collaborators understand how to market themselves. You can create a “showcase” account for firms with at least two lawyers on some platforms.

Another important factor to remember is ethics, whether you choose to market yourself or your entire practice. A good rule to remember is not to call yourself an expert unless you have the required qualifications like Comrade law firm digital marketing agency and to be careful not to inadvertently share details of your attorney/client relationship. If you do not have the status of a lawyer, it should be noted that many rules in French law restrict your activity as a liberal. We detail them here.

What Are The Best Marketing Channels For Lawyers?

Unfortunately, for once in the legal community, the answer is: it depends. As mentioned earlier, you need to research your target audience and understand where your customers spend their time online. This will help you choose the right digital marketing channels to invest your time and money.

To help you get started, here are some typical marketing channels:

  • Online lawyer directories (other than the bar) such as Alexia or Justifit;
  • Marketing on social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter in particular);
  • Specialized matchmaking platforms

Marketing lawyers online is competitive, and costs can add up quickly. You must be selective and strategic and start small before expanding into multiple channels. That’s why services are completely free until a certain amount of traffic is reached on your profile in some platforms.

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